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The data controller
This is to inform you that the data controller is Shazar Gallery Via Pasquale Scura 8 - 80134 Napoli.

Basic principles of the privacy policy
Personal data are processed directly by the data controller and are managed as a function of the type of relationship by the data subject. The data are processed solely for the purposes of the institutional goals of Shazar Gallery Via Pasquale Scura 8 - 80134 Napoli, i.e.

  • Providing information on initiatives, activities and projects implemented also thanks to the contributions made;
  • Performing other institutional activities by Shazar Gallery Via Pasquale Scura 8 - 80134 Napoli, always in such a way as to ensure a correct and legal management of the data, preserving the integrity and confidentiality of the data.

The data processing operations listed above are always subjected to specific security measures and are carried out exclusively by the Association, according to criteria correlated with the purposes for which the data have been collected, at the hands of internal data processors in charge of the various services associated with the foregoing purposes. The measures adopted by Shazar Gallery Via Pasquale Scura 8 - 80134 Napoli for the protection of the integrity, completeness, confidentiality and availability of the data and for the prevention of accidental losses, damages and/or improper uses, conform to the applicable privacy regulations and concern organisational, technical and logistical aspects.

All the activities concerning data processing, e.g., sending informative material on paper by post, sending e-mails, sms messages, making telephone calls, or posting on social media, are carried out by means of traditional and electronic communication tools.

Cookies and how they are used

When users visit our website, cookies are used to determine who visits our site and how they use it (profiling) and to improve their navigation experience (technical cookies).

Accordingly, the cookies used by the Shazar Gallery Via Pasquale Scura 8 - 80134 Napoliare:

Technical cookies: user consent is not required; these cookies are indispensable for the regular browsing and use of a website and are necessary to ensure secure and efficient navigation through the site.

Profiling cookies: user consent is required; these cookies create user profiles and may be used to send promotional messages based on a user’s navigation preferences.

The purpose of all these cookies is to improve a user’s experience navigating through a site, determine the total number of visitors in a continuative manner, monitor the way each user makes use of the information obtained from the site.

The cookies stored in a user’s computer can be disabled (and then restored) through the settings of the browser running on his/her computer. If a user has disabled one or more cookies, the information collected before the disabling may be used, but no further information may be collected after the user has manifested the intention to disable the cookie(s).

Who processes the data
As for the data supplied through its social networking pages (Facebook, Twitter, etc.…), Shazar Gallery Via Pasquale Scura 8 - 80134 Napoli adopts all the appropriate measures available to it to guarantee correct processing methods; these measures are conditional on the nature of the instrument, its usability by the user and any privacy measures adopted directly by the data controller of the social network.

Shazar Gallery Via Pasquale Scura 8 - 80134 Napoli puts in place all the actions necessary to protect the data of minors as provided for the applicable regulations.

Bank data communicated by a subject for purposes of periodic or one-off payments are retained for the time necessary to ensure the successful conclusion of the transaction. In the case of bank data supplied inadvertently by unaware third parties resulting in unauthorised or fraudulent uses, Shazar Gallery Via Pasquale Scura 8 - 80134 Napoli shall not be liable for such incidents, and should such an incident occur, Shazar Gallery Via Pasquale Scura 8 - 80134 Napoli would take immediate action to protect the privacy of the subjects concerned, possibly reserving the right to report such fraudulent activities to the authorities in charge.

If the users give their consent to the processing of the data in connection the signing of a petition (on-line/on paper forms), its validity shall only last until the purposes of the petition and the Association have been met, and shall be determined by the response of the institutions to whom the petition has been submitted.

Rights of the users concerned
Shazar Gallery Via Pasquale Scura 8 - 80134 Napoli guarantees to every subject concerned the possibility of exercising the rights provided for in Chapter III of the general regulation on data protection, and, namely, the rights:

  • To access their personal data, also with a view to ascertaining the criteria and the purposes on which data processing by means of electronic tools is based;
  • To have their data updated, rectified or deleted, or to impose restrictions on the processing operations;
  • To have their data converted to anonymous form or have them blocked;
  • To oppose the processing of their data;
  • To the portability of their data;
  • To revoke their consent, where applicable: the revocation of consent does not prejudice the admissibility of the processing based on the consent given before the revocation;
  • To lodge a complaint with a supervisory authority (Privacy Guarantor).

Data subjects may exercise the aforementioned rights by contacting the data controller at the address given above, or writing to email address or to Shazar Gallery Via Pasquale Scura 8 - 80134 Napoli.


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